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Today some thoughts on data-driven illusions and how they can impact our lives.

With my 29 years of experience as a consultant in the data information analytics & cyber protection industry, I'm often been asked questions about data-driven decisions.

What I think isn't being said often enough is that we should dare to discuss our vulnerabilities. We should talk about what we don't know and what controls us, as it's often the case that we don't fully understand our metrics or the connection between business outcome vulnerabilities.

Additionally, I'm very interested in cybersecurity, but we often don't have a strategy for how to best work with it. 
Decisions are made on a daily basis with legacy systems that we don't fully understand, thus the full implications of these decisions. As a result, we make compromises that can have long-lasting repercussions.

Whether you are building something right now or not, it's important to consider the data-driven illusions that are impacting your decisions. Likewise dont let your hunger for more data stop you from shipping right now.

What's not being said is that we have to dare to bring up our vulnerabilities and what we don't know. We don't fully understand our metrics and the connections between them and business outcomes. 

We also need to talk about cybersecurity and how to strategize around it. We often have to make decisions on outdated systems, which can be a challenge. This leads to a lot of compromises. 

Even if you're starting a new project, you need to be mindful of the data-driven illusions and vulnerabilities involved. Dare to talk about what you don't know and take steps to protect your business outcomes.

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