Results & Relationships

How to be a person of Value

Einstein said:

Try not to be a person of success,

Instead try to be a person of value.


So you have to ask yourself. What is VALUE those you serve?

If don’t value people, you will never ask yourself that question.
How can I ADD value to those people?

Another quote goes “Price is what you PAY, value is what you GET”

Thus what your customers, friends, boss, relatives all GET from your effort and results is subjective

That’s why listening and acting is so important.

Listening is important because you really need listen and embrace that subjective worldview of those you care about BEFORE you speak. But listening alone isn’t enough. Action is required to change things.
Speaking is important to clarify things.

Leadership is influence.

IF you add value to people, then that effort will give you more influence.

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