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You have way more minutes in your day to day life available to you that you thing.
They are just easily given to distractions or just not thinking about it and thus not thinking about how much such minutes we all have every year.

Train a habit of start writing or adding to a project of your chose when you find yourself waiting for a meeting to start, or things are delayed and you have to wait. Instead of just "see what's new", give yourself the gift of having written a few sentence, made a notes on the next design etc or whatever you are creating.

Once you have a bigger block of time you have something to start from helping momentum alot.

Reminding us of that we will eventually runt short of minutes often helps see who and what accomplishments you will remember when you are 150 years old.
And yes, I believe you are living in the age where those you take care of themselves will live longer than those who don't.

just mere hundred years ago the average lifespan was 32 or something similar. Thinking of your future self will make you step up for what matters, and let go what doesn't.

But also in the short run.
Thinking about a deadline this week, and in case you need to reprioritize a day or two before that.
Where would you rather leave them if so?
Often reminding ourself of that we might run short of time preparing or doing what we should helps us see our accomplishments in a new light. often it also helps us see the one we are helping in another light as well.

Mind your minutes, its the most finite resource you have to give, and you will never get any wasted back (but perhaps a lesson learned but thats for another cast?)

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