Results & Relationships

thinking out loud on how do you approach thinking about the unthinkable?
Measuring the unmeasurable?

if discipline is a journey of discomfort and joy, how do we improve?
if doubt and a wavering mind are the opposite of discipline how could "that what if" help those you serve?

is it thus a feeling? if we choose to be resolute in our behaviour it looks a lot like discipline

When working its important we embrace data, metrics, and predictions AND what's hard to measure, quantify, and touch ourselves.

for example when conducting due diligence for our systems, we must consider operations, cybersecurity, privacy by design, AI, sustainability, scalability, costs, and robustness. Equally important is the well-being of the people we serve and those who operate and maintain our systems for their intended purpose. What can be backed up by metrics, code, and documentation? and what is hard to measure yet still needs to be translated into disciplined execution to serve its intended outcome.

As always I don't know and love hearing your thoughts on this.

Below is an image intended to show that you always have your digital twin permanently everywhere and it's impossible to know or measure all it's being used for. Generated by by some nudges by me