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Reflect on timeless services, commodities, and respect solving hard relevant problems, improve skillsets, and reduce waste - easier said than done

thinking out loud on timeless services and commodities and how we each play a role in both. 
Please reflect on the importance of respect for others and self, a cornerstone of enduring and valuable services, and an element of the 'infinite game' we're all part of. Punctuality and consideration for other people's time are among the timeless traits that reinforce respect and its something that doesnt require anything to embrace.

We also delve into the role of intentionality in our services, the delicate balance between effort and intention, and the critical follow-up on whether our actions benefited those we intended to help. We argue that these qualities, while often overlooked, don't require significant skill, but a change in attitude.

The podcast also explores the evolving landscape of commodities, those skills and services that anyone, or even a bot, can perform, which risk becoming obsolete with time. We emphasize the need for continual learning and adaptability to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world.

By asking probing questions, we challenge you to identify the timeless qualities and skills that you consider essential and those that may become irrelevant in the future. As we navigate this tension between the timeless and the transient, we learn to value efficiency, minimize waste, and maximize our collective potential.

Remember, the work that truly matters is not always the work that looks important. Our challenge is to invest in work that genuinely matters, for people who genuinely care. As you consider your journey, reflect on the balance between the timeless and the transient, and never stop striving to solve the problems you genuinely care about for people who really benefit longterm from it.
That work will keep being important.

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