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Are you making space for restorative hobbies? Someting just for you.
It affects your professional behaviour more than you know.

Also - are sometimes making your professional behaviour mixed up with your hobby, forgetting that as a professional its not about you. Its now about what you let OTHERS get from engaging with your work.

Whenever I get into imposters syndrome I've mixed these two up.
I've made it about me too much, whenever I remind myself of those I'm really doing this for (others) its suddenly easeir to do that hard work again.

Let yourself have hobbies, and also let your hobby be part of you work.
Just dont let it get in the way of actually leveling up in a way that serves your people better.

And most importantly. Let yourself have space for hobbies that is just for you and friends without a "meaningful specific" with a deadline, ourcome, point...

Those around you dont need to "get" or understand your hobbie. This is something you do for just you. I believe we all need this.
We all also need to put ourselves on the line for those we care. Thats the professional behaviour that yields results that matter. Its full of state of play, yet lets not mix this up with a hobbie just because we're having fun at work.


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