Relationship Power at work
Your Time and giving it away – its effect on Your Relationship Power at work   Take a minute for yourself. Think back on the past week. Who do you regularly spend your time with, spend your time ON? Do they most commonly boost you? Encourage you in your endeavours? Assist you in exploring new … Continue reading Your Time and its effect on Your Relationship Power at work
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Take the Lead. Take the initiative. Greet or share a helping hand to those you pass in the corridor. This will lower the barrier when you OR they need something next time. Perhaps try to make 2015 a more generous year to those around you? Any small steps help, doesnt have to be anything big … Continue reading Lowering the resistance to communication from others

Accepting ourselves – so we can accept others easier. This I believe is one of the first step of embracing the relationship with another person. It starts and ends with ourselves. It’s not always easy but be kind to yourself first, listen to yourself first and take small steps of kindness towards yourself and you might … Continue reading Accepting ourselves – so we can accept others easier

Encourage others to be their kind of hero I love fantasy heroes. I love a great story. I think most of us do. Myself I love reading and seeing films like Lord of the Rings. A lonesome figure bearing the responsible to save something bigger than themselves. And don’t you just love when you realize … Continue reading Encourage others to be their kind of hero

Adjust your steps but keep taking them Should I take smaller or bigger actions? If you accomplish most of what you set out to do, take bigger steps If you find yourself not happy to all you’ve accomplished sometime you need to take smaller steps for a while. Another way of saying it is that … Continue reading Adjust your steps but keep taking them

Yes/No The power of saying yes to yourself is awesome. The power of saying Yes continuously to your Boss – and deliver on it is amazing So what’s the danger then? Be aware of when you use it. “With great power comes great responsibility” Yes/No can be interpreted as very harsh. The side effect of … Continue reading Yes and No – its Power and its Dangers

Be Slow to Judge – great blogpost by Michael Hyatt We often project our own issues. Be careful that you are talking about future benefits for the person you are talking to. Not your own projections. If we often judge or criticise other people that speaks volumes more about ourself than our targets. This is … Continue reading Be Slow to Judge – great blogpost by Michael Hyatt
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Why and what is important for you more than your own results? Please give yourself a minute to ponder on WHY you want to archive what you want to get done today. Whats in it for you? Deep down.. Now please extend that feeling into something that is beyond yourself.. and invest just five minutes … Continue reading Why and what is important for you..beyond yourself?

Explore your own playfulness. That will give you energy that your relationship will share. What is having fun for you? Where do you have fun and what happens to those you meet there? Can you get more of that in other parts of your life as well? What is having fun for those around you?
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Embrace the data all around you. WHILE you are at the meeting be at the meeting. Meet the people and their senses, attitudes, body language etc. Don’t just get the meeting “done” – You’re there for the result AFTER the meeting your there to meet people. Not to check it off your calendar. That thinking … Continue reading Embrace the data all around – its ALL about the people

There is always systems beyond systems beyond systems. Thus there is harmony AND turmoil inside the person your are talking to right now. Some of it comes from systems you will never see, but affecting here and now. Likewise its inside you affecting them. Listen to to them.  Accept them. Only then you fully go … Continue reading Systems beyond systems beyond systems
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Be happy and impressed by other skills and archivements, but their success in no way diminishes yours. If you enjoy their happiness for their sake, they might like you more. If you put them above you – you actually distance yourself from them and that is not relationship building. Try not to judge yourself to … Continue reading Inner game of self isolation

Open your mind to that other way of getting things done Often we believe our way is the best way, missing the point that by doing so we lose a lot of power and potential within our colleagues. Not to mention that you build better relationship by encouraging people to do things their way not … Continue reading That other way often works just fine

The Power in names – yours and others How often do you think about the power of names? Yours and others. Do you make it easy for others to use your name for the best of you and them? Do take note of others name to show your respect and recognition of them?   Great … Continue reading The Power in names – yours and others
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Wow 25th episode is here! Part of embracing reality is to do your own internal recap and feedback for yourself and I thought I’d share mine, in case those thoughts help anyone else. Please note that todays podcast will be my own thoughts and processes thus be more deep into me than what might help … Continue reading Embrace Your reality – Lessons learned after 25 episodes

It’s human to make assumptions. “I have met people for your firm before, your school before, your country before, your continent before.”.. It’s an easy thing to do, and I’ve done it myself too many times myself. I am sure that most of the time when my Team has over-archived its primarily because I have … Continue reading See The Individual – dont generalize

Successful communication is ALL on you   Successful communication is all on you – Which means if you don’t get the results and actions you want when talking to someone you have to take the responsibility to investigate what happens in the recipient when you talk to them, it doesn’t matter what you know you … Continue reading Successful communication is ALL on you

The Power of believing Others can improve Please take time to listen to the great TED talk “The Power of believing that you can improve” by Carol Dweck where she talks about the great result you can have when you help people see that they can improve. Help them see that its a huge difference … Continue reading The Power of believing Others can improve

Your Calendars Relationship Power and other effects on you and those around you. Are you aware of the real power of a shared calendar? Experiment with yours until you get the effect you want. Do not leave your calendar for other to fill. Make a choice for how YOU want to get the most out … Continue reading Your Calendars Relationship Power and other Effects

First impressions and the lasting power of it First impressions last longer than most of oss think about. You probably heard it before, but do you actually make use of its power in your daily life?       Action to take: Try to activly think and act the first seconds you meet some-one new. … Continue reading First Impressions and its longlasting power

Help someone today just because you can. It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Often I find that people wait for the perfect moment to help that will make a big impact. Or wait and see if the help they think they can provide will make a big difference.. I suggest also trying to help … Continue reading Better a small step today than waiting for perfect
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Thank you so much for your listener feedback! I am sorry that I said that we have to be perfect when sending things out to the web without explaining myself properly. What I meant to say, but didnt since I got on a tantrum-detour, was that it’s the recipient reaction that determines the outcome. Most … Continue reading Listener Feedback – Alternative Cost
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Ask yourself Why you need Relationship Power? We are all different. Different things matter differently to us.  This doesnt have to matter to you just because it does to me. What would matter to you? Relationship Power is a great way to help others. Sometimes we need to stand up for those we believe in. … Continue reading Why do you want power to help others? + Plan for December business

Connect others!  Help them with whats important to them. You never know where this will lead them ..thus and you… The reward can be enormous for everyone. This is the “opportunity cost” I compared not taking action with in my previous episode Alternative Cost… but Kare does a much much better job at explaing this … Continue reading Be an Opportunity Maker
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Are you aware of your polarisation effect in different situations and environments? Do you know what you want when for which effect?   Action to take: – Decide where you want to be in each environment. Do you want to act to become more neutral?Do you want to act to really find that outlaying 1%?

Relationship Power at work – What’s your alternative cost for the things you are thinking about or not thinking about right now? to ANY action or in-action you take there is always an Cost and alternative Cost involved. The cost for that road not taken is near infinite.. as could the rewards for that action … Continue reading Alternative Cost
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The Power of all the Circles around you In this episode I want to help you focus on the people you most commonly don’t go to lunch with at your work. With the purpose to explore why that is and how it accepts the power in your relationship, because you do have a relationship with … Continue reading The Power of all the Circles around you – people!

The Power of Rest and some inspiration why you should experiment to get yours often How do you know you’re rested? How do you know you’re at your full capacity? Action to take this week: Try listening for your own “rest-state” Do you feel rested? Experiment with what makes you sleep better, wake up feeling … Continue reading The Power of Rest and some inspiration why you should experiment to get yours often

The Art of Listening. “When you talk you are only repeating what you already know. When you listen you may learn something” – Dalai Lama We all get very preoccupied with ourselves every now and then. In some situations more than others. Which of those situations are most commonly happening for you? For me, in … Continue reading The Art of Listening
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This episodes focus on some of the reasons on why and how you could help make others bloom. It could be as simple as taking five minutes extra just to figure out whats important to them without any gain for you whatsoever other than just because you want to help. Help them create commitment for … Continue reading Make others bloom
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This podcast will help you explore the silent feedback that is always around you and how you can harness this to your advantage. We will also talk about the fact that you are never ever in neutral mode with anyone you meet. You are Either increasing your relationship with them or diminishing it, there is … Continue reading The Power of Silent feedback

Relationship Power at work – Appearance don’t tell the full story We all start by judging the book by its cover, but with self-awareness we can catch ourselves doing it and thus connect way deeper with the one we are talking to. And the opposite, we can, if we accept that others do this to … Continue reading Relationship Power at work – Appearance don’t tell the full story
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RelationshipPower at work – Know thyself. We are abit of everything Know thyself.  Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you have. Some experiences make part of me go into mental shutdown. is it the same for you? In what areas are this and how often?  Be kind to yourself and try to … Continue reading Know thyself – we are abit of everything + treat your directs as volunteers

Relationship Power at work – Your Reputation and the trust you bring before you even meet someone for the first time. Are you aware what people find about you online? What you yourself type into all those emails you send daily and the longterm result of those? Also recommends Rachel Botsman TEDtalk actions to take: … Continue reading Your Reputation and the trust you bring before you

RelationshipPower is all about Integrity. Your Integrity is important! We explore some of what that means to me and you as a manager. We explore being uncomfortable, and that we can all learn new things if we can just allow our-self to be uncomfortable for a while. if we practice, we get better. What new … Continue reading RelationshipPower is all about Integrity. Your Integrity!
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Everything you do, say and don’t do sends signals on multiple levels and multiple channels at once. Are you aware that your body either hinders or benefits that your message to get through and creates the the effect you want for the one you are talking too? How much are you using your body to set you in the … Continue reading The Power of your bodylanguage

Relationship Power at work – The Power of choosing yourself by disconnecting and other Necessary Endings This episode is dedicated to help you explore where you stand most commonly on disconnect and saying no to things that does not help you get where you want to be.     Actions to take: Think about what parts … Continue reading The Power of choosing yourself by disconnecting + Necessary Endings

Make others feel worth of Love and Belonging. Be kind to yourself, that the only way you can sustain kindness to others. Help yourself feel “you are enough” and pass that feeling to others whenever you can. Be kind to yourself. Set healthy boundaries. Say no when you mean no, and only yes when you … Continue reading Relationship Power at work – The power of vulnerability + Handshake

My definition of Relationship Power is that thing that you earn, not the same thing as Role Power or Authority Power that you get by your position. Relationship Power is that unique connection you can, if you want to, grow with each individual you meet, or that you reach by your reputation. Why do I … Continue reading RelationshipPower at Work Episode001 What is Relationship Power and how does it help you?

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