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Explore your own playfulness. That will give you energy that your relationship will share. What is having fun for you? Where do you have fun and what happens to those you meet there? Can you get more of that in other parts of your life as well? What is having fun for those around you?

Embrace the data all around you. WHILE you are at the meeting be at the meeting. Meet the people and their senses, attitudes, body language etc. Don’t just get the meeting “done” – You’re there for the result AFTER the meeting your there to meet people. Not to check it off your calendar. That thinking … Continue reading Embrace the data all around – its ALL about the people

There is always systems beyond systems beyond systems. Thus there is harmony AND turmoil inside the person your are talking to right now. Some of it comes from systems you will never see, but affecting here and now. Likewise its inside you affecting them. Listen to to them.  Accept them. Only then you fully go … Continue reading Systems beyond systems beyond systems
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Be happy and impressed by other skills and archivements, but their success in no way diminishes yours. If you enjoy their happiness for their sake, they might like you more. If you put them above you – you actually distance yourself from them and that is not relationship building. Try not to judge yourself to … Continue reading Inner game of self isolation