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Confusing Ambivalent People … your Energy  ..your results …your circles. You really become the company you keep It’s easy to say stay clear of obviously toxic people. It’s easy to say work with great people. What we often forget is the ongoing cost of confusing and ambivalent people. Especially the alternative cost of what might … Continue reading Confusing Ambivalent People
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Getting Pro Clients Choosing and working hard for the right Clients, Customers, Managers, Bosses – who ever you choose so serve is one of the most important choices in your life. This episode is some answers to questions I’ve received on my podcast episode “Getting Better Clients”
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Create Health OR promote disease? What if you could easily see how every tiny decision do make every minute in your life as either a small step to “Create Health for yourself, your family, your friends, your customer or anyone else you really care deeply for” OR that the alternative cost of not honoring that … Continue reading Create Health OR promote disease?
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