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Trident people, process and technology

this trio is so interesting in high performing organizations
for optimizing the triple point of people, process and technology.

its really a very circular motion, which each part stabilizing and increasing the effect out of the other two as the spire scale upwards.


Here's the link to a presentation I've done a few times on another set of 3:


confidentiality integrity and avilability when it comes to IT and organisations.


CIA - What IT gets to work with. Some thought on patters and priorities

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Some great people and links mentioned in this episode

Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker

all books by Cal Newport: outcome, timeblocking and process workfocus instead of email

Free Time with Jenny Blake

Time Wise by Amantha Imber

indistractible by Nir Eyal


Help! My Productivity System Is Failing Call Newport
2022-08-12, 8min


Tiago Forte | Building a Second Brain
2022-07-26, 59min


Annie Murphy Paul The Extended Mind
2022-06-22, 1h02min

How the Brain Works: The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence
2022-04-05, 47min

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its your job to position yourself where you have options that helps others AND yourself. Thats the path toward word that fulfil you and matters for people that care about having that work done.


Focusing on elevating others by creating better options, more options for others is one of the best ways.

More is not better than better. Better is better than more.

Why is More options important though? Because you dont always know what better for other people looks like.
You dont know how it is working for you. You know what you believe, not their reality.

more options also have the benefit of making space for opportunity to help others AND yourself.

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