Results & Relationships

Take some time to reflect about the things you create, who you create them for, and the reasons behind your creations. Pay attention to your focus, effort, and recurring patterns.

What kind of work would your coworker identify as having your touch on it? What improvements would they recognize as being made by you? On the other hand, what kind of work would your coworker instinctively know that you did not write or contribute to? Including what parts of their work, feelings and results would they miss your contributions in?

In a simplified way. Whats your manifesto? You dont need to write it down but thinking about it helps you see your own postion clearer.
I credit these three for creating my methods teaching me what I see
in 2022 the Agile Manifesto discussion forums, in 2005 The Manager-Tools podcast and Hostmans Law together with also in 2005 the Security Now podcast

Who do you credit for helping you see what matters? And what did you add to that mix for those you serve?