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Brand, Reputation and DOING the work that matters.

I know I here talk about how important DOING things is – to get real life feedback, to connect, to learn.
Getting our ideas out of our heads to meet the world so we connect with our community, so we show up for those we seek to help. But it’s even more important to embrace that it’s not enough to just do better work. We must all of us also embrace branding, reputation and all the work that makes OUR work matter, be noticed and feel relevant for those we want to help.
With all the noise in our world just being the best, or having shipped the best product is not enough.
We must all work on our brand. That the result of that work is NOT up to us. Branding in today’s connected world: For both global around the world brands, as well as your personal brand is:
Other people's expectation of you. The promise you deliver to them. THAT is your brand.
its easy to live in the illusion that they'll get it eventually, if we just do good work.
That they will come if we just build "the right <insert your product>" but it’s not enough.

My experience is that in order for your people to get the maximum value out of your product or “value”
They must get the reputation your brand bring with it from others, not directly from you.

The noise blocks out who's the best.
Seek to be the best for those you serve including do work on marketing, branding, reputation in a way that matter to them.

Don’t seek to gamify what ‘ever platform you're on.
Eventually algorithms will learn and you're community as well. You don’t want to be left obsolete just because an algorithm was updated.

quote: Warren Buffet
It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently
What’s your legacy? What are you building for those you serve beyond you?
What is the promise you bring those that connect with what you do?

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