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The power of I dont know and default models around uncertainty & risk
We need to teach It's OK to say, "I don't know but I could look into it for you before friday" but also teach to separate uncertainty and risk.
likewise teach those around you that dubt and uncertainty is welcome. Its not to be feared but then as a leader we need to reward the effort and the bet in a decision, not just the outcome.

What is not surrounded by uncertainty cannot be the truth.

accepting and clearly stating I dont know when we dont, lend us credibility when we say we do and we will.

We also need to accept the really strong power of defaults for when its uncertain and risky. Dont just reward the positive choices.
For example in computing:
 The power of default. if there is no specified models for for THIS server we just found on the network we make it a member of model X.
Dont build your I dont know on positive choices
for all X we do A for all Y we do B that will leave you with servers
same with following up incidents
same with following up leads

Only then can we ask ourselvese: "Did it work for its intended?"
 or what happened? Scope creep? lack of courage? to much courage and to little data? or whats the lesson for next your next bet on the outcome that matters for the process you're working on?
embracing reality, theoriy, antithesis, experiments and data
It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, You need to re-learn what you think you know. Please work hard to surround yourself with people who live that mindset instead of behaving in other ways.

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Learn to work with automations, machine learning models and other people in a healthy generous circle.

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Healthy Questions: what is Facts, assumptions, beliefs, whom is it for, what is it for & did it work?