Results & Relationships

If behaviour dont change, no lessons have been learned.

Are you paying attention on what those moving on tell you?

Are you paying attention to what signal not listening or worse sends,
or the even stronger signal caring for those leveling beyond you sends?

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Some thoughts on processes, outcomes and vanity metrics

its easy to believe Metrics, KPI, OKR etc is about the event, the timintervall its for.
Yet in 99% its about the purpose and intent of WHY your focusing AND communication THAT Metric.
Help others see the context and purpose. Be clear on how they will know it its WORKING for that purpose or not.
Might also be that concent wise you could use it for another purpose, with tremendous revenue should yuo but legally you cant. So declaring intent both for the knowledge management, effective use for the organisation AND for your customers so they can opt IN should that be in your joined interested is important.

Likewise with communcation internally. Just because you've written a guide for it, or a policy for it or whatever if you notice what needs to happen doesnt happen it doesnt matter that you said it.
What matters is did you take responsibility for what needs to happen happens.
Do you take responsibility for the effectiveness of your metric or your words?
Can you say its working or not in a way that is clear for those its serving, your employees, your customers, your stake-holders?

If you embrace communications, metrics and words more like a process that HAS TO start with an intent AND ends with a clear "how do we know if its working, how do we know when to quit" they serve everyone involved better.

if you're not clear on this - most likly its a vanity metrics.
Something invented to make you feel good from the platform benefitting from it, not you, nor the platforms users or its middlemanagement-ware - metrics leaders in between customers, employees and top management "invented" because they believed it helped a cause, helped someone look good, status - often created with a great intent then slowly over time turned into something else thats why the "when to quit" and "how do we know its working for its intended use" context for it.
Share what your learn as you montitor AND ACT on that which you follow up on.

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Helping others a choice that is not about doing big things once.
its about your intention to do something for someone else now, today, recurringly.

For who'm and for what cause might change but keep giving, shipping and sharing what you see that elevates others.

Dare too see who uses what you teach to elevate others in turn, so your help amplifies instead of staying with just the one.

but "just" the one is where we all start, every day.

Focus on the one in front of you. 
Focus on what you learn by teaching, and then take responsibility for whats working and whats not in the way you teach. Be kind to yourself and alllow the small steps.



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Just following up on some listener questions on previous episodes with a few examples.

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