Relationship Power at work (general)

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THE work you want to do again

Great work is often rewarded with great work.

What do you want to become better at and for whom?

Whats a position you would feel its a luxury to serve WHOM from?

Dont make it about waiting for perfect.
Make it about progress - however tiny that might feel.

Dont make it about you.
Make it about those you're helping

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Relate to each other, asking ourselves how we RELATE not how we differ, judge or oversimplify into polarized either or.
everything is a projection. everything is a reflection of us.

Dont blame others, systems and subsystems. Own your intent, effort and behaviour.

Currently around you its a lot of focus on being divided,
bad at listening,
more judgmental. We fool ourselves that its either or/black or white

if I'm right you must be wrong: no grayscale

Our axis never align perfectly, we can still be both mostly right
learn the hard soft skills, everything else will get automated.

scripts ignore all sunk costs


instead train on:
* give and receive feedback
* having difficult conversations
* training in one area might transfer to all areas
* Relate to each other, and teaching others how they benefit from that focus as well* helping others on their journey towards their destination, and seeing overlaps and when it's time to let go


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Humble is not thinking less of yourself,
it's thinking of yourself less.

Be the hardest working in the room, not the loudest

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OK to fumble while learning just intentionally keep practice and evaluate for those you care about

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Living in Replay Simulation Mode,
What is Normal,
Intentionally Act Now

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Here's the video version of this audio for those interested

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Do you actively, regularly help others feel like they belong?

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Why Machine, Deep learning & AI speeds up the hatchet of change so much - and why I think it matter to every relationship you have

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Are you aware of the results of your intentions and actions?

We dont know the intent behind an outcome, but imagine a positive intent from others helps build relationships.

Likewise setting healthy boundaries also helps build relationships

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What work are you doing that feels so important you just HAVE to do it (for others benefit)? Why is that so?

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BetterBias, UpperLimit Belief & Risks – Please just start already



Books mentioned in this episode

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think


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Your Story and Talking To Strangers

I’m currently in Seth Godin’s beta program of Storytelling and reflect out loud on the combination of that and the book I’m currently listening to (that was released today so I’m just partly done listening to it)

Book: Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know 2

Course: Story Skills Workshop

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On Trust

Reach and information is not enough


is never about what you say

its about what people do


do they trust what you see and bring to their table?

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Please dont wait

Please listen to the resistance, and the feelings that get in the way for teaching others what you know - then find a way to do it anyway.

Also remind yourself of others calendar-time.

often we intend to give generously but time catches up with us and without intending to we could have given no help + time to people instead of sending them early and with faults, we hoped to fix it before sending them yet other priorities got in the way and we're still sending them as it was before anyway.

Dare to share and teach earlier, faster, more often.

You already know enough to give. today. Again and again.

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Experimenting with things that might work but are not guaranteed to work takes a lot of emotional work. Separating the work from our self-identity. Allowing our “self-esteem” the hit of failure, when we all wish to make it.
You’ll never learn anything new properly if you’re not open to be vulnerable in your self-esteem.
If you can remove shame from not making things work the first time you try it you’ve come a LOT way to propel your work forward. Its hard work for all of us but well worth it.
What WOULD you bring our world if there was NO shame in trying?

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I've spoken about Digital Twins multiple times over the years but it’s worth a reminder on how it will affect your relationships and effectiveness


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ARE you generous towards yourself?
so you'll know how to give better to those you care about?

if we're not starting with also being generous to ourselves,
its easy to fool ourselves what better looks like

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Do you know your Oasis?

Do you know where you regenerate?

Where you get energy, insight and encouragement from?

Its more often a WHO than a place.

Are you investing energy finding people who get you,

Or investing energy adapting to people who don’t?


Only YOU know "your" place

Dont let anyone else tell you otherwise

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Are you doing the work that matters?

Or are you just doing hard work because you "hope" if its hard, it should be rewarded?

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Just some food for thought on the URGENT need for you to think about restorability so backups don’t get in the way of your relationships.

* Divorce and family photos?

* Employee and boss asks for phone back?

* Programmer backup = 100x speed and trust

Trust? Are your provider doing analytics on your backups?

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