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Dare to be specific and clear enough to create tension. Be respectful to those you serve, and those around you and yourself. Dare to show the tension early saves so many so much - its an huge alternative cost for us people pleasers who rather save those tough confrontative talks for tomorrow. Thinking we're doing the generous thing to have more details, habits, patterns for when we adress it.. yet often resulting in a big cost of delay or ourselves realizing to late that we're serving the wrong thing to long.

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(I just realized I published this episode to my other podcast, Psychology & Cyber thus just uploading it here as a copy. Sorry for the delay and mistake on my side)


Ready is a choice, it not worth waiting for.

Do you regularly invest time with people who:
* claim ready enough for action even while uncertain?
* do work that matter for them regularly?
* Dare find out if those they seek to serve care about having that work done?`

What does Ready mean to you? often we forget to ask this critical question.
* when its ready - will you see it or find another thing to polish?
* out of time DOES NOT mean ready, yet often thats where we end up without intention
* Are you ready to listen to feedback?
* is the person you’re talking to ready to listen?
* if all you want to do is tell others of facts they can loop up facts if they cared, if they dont care you're not ready to help them
* life is short, we all will die. You're already self-employed for life AND other things in-between that. When will be you be ready to act like it?
* is ready for those its for, or for you?

Whats worth being ready for?
Whats worth saying no to so you can be ready for it?
So whats stopping you? Go Get it for those that care


Often Ready means too late. What would some early real life, real customer feedback mean for your work?

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Remarkable Position and easy to say name change

It's been 8 years already with Relationship Power at work. Every week. Some of the early years it was more often.
Before that this pod was called "Levelup at work and ingame".
That's why the libsyn url is called gaming even if all those episodes are lost now due to my own newbie mistakes with an RSS feed change.

I've been wondering if we should rename this thing to Results & Relationship. What do you think oh most splendid of listener?

When I started our pod was primarily for computer leaders using the words direct, Relationship Power and such.
To figure out untrained empathy and relationships skills. Combined their already powerful data mojo. 
I myself hid behind computers for the longest time. That made me powerful in a lot of aspects and fearful in my many untrained areas.

Over the years I observed others, and myself struggle saying the phrase "Relationship Power at work"

Thus the intention with the name change is to making it easier to name this thing of ours. Its nothing bigger or more complicated than that. I'm sharing the process to help you see. Whatever you make it will also change as you learn more about it and those you serve. Getting started early embracing reality instead of staying in your head is critical. Im hoping sharing what I missed from starting helps unlock you. Free you to give whatever is rattling in your head a try.

Why Results first in the name?
I love that anyone can intentionally create results based on where they start in life. Independent where we currently are. Independent of what we where given we can all work on figuring out what we can give, create or teach.
its a lottery what relationship we get to start life with. its a choice what results we work hard and long for and what company we keep.
I love that results is an open way to healthy long-lasting relationships. You cant control relationships and the opening of doors. Yet you can control what you create and invest emotional labor into, and for whom's benefit.

Your reputation precedes you. Its nothing new but more urgent than ever with the ever-present machine learning.
Soon your results will be auto-presented in front of any person you meet via their AR devices. Of whoever you meet in real life by default. Even so before you get to chance to meet.

Your results is one of the most Key factors setting the options for who you get to build relationships with.
Its surely not the most important thing. Love, care & relationships are. Yet without results is hard to get the freedom to sustain that dream of yours and the dreams of those you care about.

Results. Done well and generous are also something others feel good about remarking on. Good for their own benefit (self image, status and possibilities) as well that remark benefitting their friend and you.

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Owning your choice of context, your patterns and positions from which to serve.

Are you owning your choice of context?
Do you position yourself with people and situations that are likely to help others long-term and effectively?

Are you diving into your context to find the context within the context of what truly matter to those you seek to serve?

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