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Actionability, or the ability to take concrete steps based on information or insights, is crucial in all communication, whether it's writing a text message, an email, or a report. When you write something, it's not just about sharing data, but also about providing actionable insights, steps that the reader can take based on that data.

Also, it's essential to consider the potential consequences of your communication. Sometimes, communication is more about plausible deniability than genuine actionability, but being aware of this can help you communicate more effectively.

When dealing with data, it's not only about gathering it but about interpreting it and determining the next best actions. Whether the data suggests potential risks or rewards, it should guide informed decision-making.

Writing clear and concise emails or messages helps recipients understand the actions they need to take. It's also crucial to consider the perspective and needs of the person who will be acting on the information you're providing.

Data-driven decision-making is critical, but it's equally important to realize that not all data is equally valuable at all times. Some data might be outdated, while other data might be too recent to provide reliable trends. Therefore, we must be discerning about which data we use to guide our decisions.

Moreover, remember that the data we keep has potential actionability for others too, including malicious actors. That's why cybersecurity measures are vital. Regularly cleaning up data that isn't needed can improve performance and decrease risks.

Lastly, actionability isn't just about data and metrics, but also about learning and personal growth. When you read a book or learn something new, try to extract actionable insights. Aim to transform the knowledge you gain into steps you can take to better yourself or assist others.
Input and metrics alone wont help long.

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Reflect on timeless services, commodities, and respect solving hard relevant problems, improve skillsets, and reduce waste - easier said than done

thinking out loud on timeless services and commodities and how we each play a role in both. 
Please reflect on the importance of respect for others and self, a cornerstone of enduring and valuable services, and an element of the 'infinite game' we're all part of. Punctuality and consideration for other people's time are among the timeless traits that reinforce respect and its something that doesnt require anything to embrace.

We also delve into the role of intentionality in our services, the delicate balance between effort and intention, and the critical follow-up on whether our actions benefited those we intended to help. We argue that these qualities, while often overlooked, don't require significant skill, but a change in attitude.

The podcast also explores the evolving landscape of commodities, those skills and services that anyone, or even a bot, can perform, which risk becoming obsolete with time. We emphasize the need for continual learning and adaptability to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world.

By asking probing questions, we challenge you to identify the timeless qualities and skills that you consider essential and those that may become irrelevant in the future. As we navigate this tension between the timeless and the transient, we learn to value efficiency, minimize waste, and maximize our collective potential.

Remember, the work that truly matters is not always the work that looks important. Our challenge is to invest in work that genuinely matters, for people who genuinely care. As you consider your journey, reflect on the balance between the timeless and the transient, and never stop striving to solve the problems you genuinely care about for people who really benefit longterm from it.
That work will keep being important.

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As you prepare for your upcoming vacation, reward yourself with the selection of a captivating book. Forget the "to-do" list books that's been gathering dust; instead, let your choice be something purely for your pleasure. Your capacity to read and absorb not only enhances your personal life but also seeps into every aspect of your professional growth. As our world accelerates, the need to adapt and evolve with increasing speed becomes vital, and reading provides the perfect avenue for this evolution. Resist relying on the recommendations of algorithms; take charge of your own intellectual journey. Challenge yourself to elevate in the areas that truly matter, but remember to relish the pure, simple joy that comes from reading just for fun.

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Most of us have better agency than we embrace in working to position ourselves for our favorite game for people who care about what we care about.


The speaker discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by the information age, driven by computer technology and machine learning. They argue that despite potential distractions from the digital world, it's essential to recognize and take control of our personal agency, emphasizing that external factors only account for a small part of our distractions. The speaker then addresses the importance of adaptability, empathy, and a growth mindset in this evolving digital landscape, while also cautioning against surrendering too much to technology. They argue that using machine learning tools effectively requires incorporating one's unique perspective and insights, and not relying solely on the machine’s outputs. Lastly, they stress the significance of clear specifications and understanding the people we serve in a world where tasks and roles are constantly changing.

The speaker discusses the increasing complexity and distractions of the digital age, emphasizing that only a small portion is external, while the majority comes from within. 
It is highlighted that willpower is not finite, and we can exercise greater internal control to manage distractions. 

The speaker further stresses the importance of creating value for others to achieve personal success, and finding balance in serving multiple stakeholders.

In the context of "hive compute" and disinformation, the importance of adaptability, maintaining focus, and developing effective workflow systems is emphasized. 
The speaker suggests that machine learning could help manage tools and information, yet warns against over-reliance on it, promoting personal input and understanding.