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Dont wait for mentoring.

Dont wait to be picked.

Dont wait to recieve that special anything.

Instead work hard to position yourself AND thus making it more likely to have someone wanting to mentor you, to make yourself ready IF you get picked.


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Do things that matter today, so you’ll learn.

Don’t waste time comparing – remind yourself it’s the learning and doing that’s important and comparing often gets in the way more than we ever learn.

This is urgent. Do thinks every day that matters, however small. That consistency will what makes you win whenever you need to win way more likely than watching others.

Culture is just behaviour. Effect is just a result of behaviour.

Are you focused on your own behaviour and that of those around you? without this it doesnt matter what your powerpoint slides say your people "should" do in a fancy greatlooking strategy document.

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What does Resilience mean to you?

What does it enable?

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Are you doing the work that matters?

Or are you just doing hard work because you "hope" if its hard, it should be rewarded?

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