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use it to put some constraints on shipping what might matter today

Remind yourself of it daily. On your decisions. On your effort. On your relationships.
On those you choose to help get to where they want to go.

On the internet. On Everything...

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Easy is already taken.

Great, since you don't really want to play an easy game.

You want to play an interesting, worthwhile game with people who care and who want to come back the next time you gather the party.

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You sure its yours?

Please move your stuff where its protected, actionable and less costly for our future.

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Are you Creating and holding space for Questions?
Are you pondering on what uncertainty to to you and those around you?

Are you actively helping others reflect and ask themselves what if and other powerful questions?


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Autobot summary:

We explore the concept of "after commitments," focusing on the impactful actions and efforts that would be missed if discontinued. It highlights the importance of ensuring others recognize the value of these efforts and continue them after our involvement ends. This concept is particularly relevant in project management and cybersecurity, where success is measured by reaching milestones and ensuring sustainability and continued relevance over time.

Ric apologizes for missing last week's episode and expresses gratitude for listener feedback, emphasizing the importance of specific and meaningful communication amidst a sea of generic messages.

The discussion underscores the necessity of embedding the principles of after-commitment into our work. This approach aims to achieve immediate goals and secure lasting benefits and value.

It then addresses the challenge of recognizing the true impact of our work due to biases and the importance of viewing our efforts from others' perspectives. The episode touches on the necessity for empathy, humility, and the questioning of our contributions' long-term sustainability and integration within existing processes or habits.

The episode concludes with reflections on the role of after commitments in assessing our work's relevance and effectiveness and the importance of facilitating a smooth transition for others to maintain and build upon our efforts.

Listeners are encouraged to consider their areas of influence—whether topics, people, or values—and how they can contribute to sustained positive outcomes. The episode challenges the audience to think about the legacy of their actions and how their efforts will continue to be fruitful and relevant in the future.

In summary, "After-Commitments" calls for thoughtful, enduring impact beyond completing a task or project, emphasizing the importance of building habits and systems that ensure continuity, relevance, and lasting value.

Almost 100% of the world didn't notice last week episode not showing up as usual.
Focus on the important people (select few) who missed what it brought to their lives.  Don't let the others distract you from you helping those who see, those who care. Those who benefit from your hard work. Those who would miss THEIR steps if they didn't get to engage with your work showing up for them.

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Sharing some of my own fears and struggle

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You're Not Ready, you're Intentionally Small & Meaningfully Bold.

Auto-summary for those who don't have time to listen.

The importance of starting before feeling fully ready, arguing that waiting for readiness hinders learning and helping others. 

It highlights the struggle with uncertainty and the human tendency to seek certainty, which can lead to inaction and missed opportunities for growth and assistance. 

Suggests focusing on small, meaningful actions that can make a difference now, 
rather than waiting for the perfect conditions. I know it leaves less space to hide than a superb plan in your head. Remind yourself it's worth it when it feels too pressing to close.


By daring to take small steps, individuals can learn, help others, and eventually find a path that accelerates their ability to serve effectively. The overarching message is to embrace imperfection and uncertainty as opportunities for growth rather than barriers to action.

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Barbara Oakley and I converse about Critical Thinking and Learning - recorded for those it might help.

Barbara is the creator of Uncommon Sense Teaching, Learn Like a Pro, Learning How to Learn, and many other courses, books, talks, and business presentations.

Want to learn more from Barbara?

Here’s a great start

Books mentioned in this conversation

The article mentioned Curiosity’s different stances.

General interest curiosity, Deprivation curiosity (Barb also said something new to me. predatory curiosity)

Explores the significance of understanding probability in decision-making, drawing on personal experiences with computer games like Stellaris, board games and roleplay games.

Combining this with YOUR perspective. What did you remove? What do you add? What you choose and not.

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IF you're doing work that is meaningful and worth it you will be tired.
Don't wait until you're not. Embrace it as part of the work.
Embrace doing it early. Put it into the hands of someone who cares about it EARLY; don't wait until you're fully done or have figured it out. Do the hard part early and then EARLY put it into the hands of those who care so they help you pull it forward, feedback early before you waste time and others effort and attention on things you will cut once you understand the constraints better.

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