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Open your mind to that other way of getting things done Often we believe our way is the best way, missing the point that by doing so we lose a lot of power and potential within our colleagues. Not to mention that you build better relationship by encouraging people to do things their way not … Continue reading That other way often works just fine

The Power in names – yours and others How often do you think about the power of names? Yours and others. Do you make it easy for others to use your name for the best of you and them? Do take note of others name to show your respect and recognition of them?   Great … Continue reading The Power in names – yours and others
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Wow 25th episode is here! Part of embracing reality is to do your own internal recap and feedback for yourself and I thought I’d share mine, in case those thoughts help anyone else. Please note that todays podcast will be my own thoughts and processes thus be more deep into me than what might help … Continue reading Embrace Your reality – Lessons learned after 25 episodes

It’s human to make assumptions. “I have met people for your firm before, your school before, your country before, your continent before.”.. It’s an easy thing to do, and I’ve done it myself too many times myself. I am sure that most of the time when my Team has over-archived its primarily because I have … Continue reading See The Individual – dont generalize