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Relationship Power at work – The Power of choosing yourself by disconnecting and other Necessary Endings This episode is dedicated to help you explore where you stand most commonly on disconnect and saying no to things that does not help you get where you want to be.     Actions to take: Think about what parts … Continue reading The Power of choosing yourself by disconnecting + Necessary Endings

Make others feel worth of Love and Belonging. Be kind to yourself, that the only way you can sustain kindness to others. Help yourself feel “you are enough” and pass that feeling to others whenever you can. Be kind to yourself. Set healthy boundaries. Say no when you mean no, and only yes when you … Continue reading Relationship Power at work – The power of vulnerability + Handshake

My definition of Relationship Power is that thing that you earn, not the same thing as Role Power or Authority Power that you get by your position. Relationship Power is that unique connection you can, if you want to, grow with each individual you meet, or that you reach by your reputation. Why do I … Continue reading RelationshipPower at Work Episode001 What is Relationship Power and how does it help you?

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