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Quite often I find myself thinking “oh there’s a ember glowing under there, should i help ignite it? Help light the passion?” Its my own curiosity mixed with my deep-rooted urge to help others grow, help others into insight, help others to get rest and regeneration, help others to passion. When you hear something touch … Continue reading Fan the flame – awaken the spark
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Everything Gives Feedback – Boardgames are excellent examples for becomming aware of your own patterns and figure out how to transform those insight into “in real life” Learning is a choice. You can learn from whatever you are doing. The only time we dont learn is when whe decide not to. I love board games … Continue reading Everything Gives Feedback – Boardgames are excellent examples
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That Other Way often works Just Fine – Continued Some listeners requested I add a few more thoughts to a previous  cast since they said the original really helped them connect and get more accomplished by doing so. So I hope these thoughts will help you and others as well.      

Help others just because you can and want to. I belive in a world of helping others for no other reason than the strong should help those they can. And we all have som strong area and no one has only strong areas. But its important that we help for our own reasons, without expecting … Continue reading Help others without expecting anything back

Last Thursday I released something sub-par. It was my podcast on team-building that WE feeling. And the thing is, i don’t even know if most of you noticed that the outro was cut off a few seconds and that I myself didn’t think I added “that much value” to you that I aim to do. … Continue reading the balance between kindness to one self and stretching one self

Building a team isnt just about the big actions to form it, its also the very small repetetive gestures that affect the “we/us feeling” the most. Dont underestimate them, make sure you include small things every day instead of waiting for that big team kick off that will “solve it all” … And help other … Continue reading Teambuilding – building a WE feeling
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Easy for you might not be easy for others. Just because its easy for you, dont take for granted that its easy for others. Look for the Positive intent! It might not be due to disrespect its “not finished”. They’re “not getting it”. Its not done “your” way. It could just be plainly due to … Continue reading Easy for you might not be easy for others

We can learn more about ourselves using anything. I’m a computer gamer and love healing people but you know what? most often its the ones that ask the most for HEALS that doesn’t learn to avoid the need in the first place. And once your out of power to keep helping them they blame you … Continue reading HEAL ME plz plz
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You need Results in order to grow power. Otherwise, eventually, the powerful people will not invest their time and other resourses with you. Help others get there results done. Help them complete their missions. Their plans. Their delivery promises to their managers or themselves. Doesn’t have to be much or taking much from you. Could … Continue reading People AND Results
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