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Reflect over your time investments this year – What could you do differently?   Time is the one resouce you never get back. It cannot be managed, only tasks and results can be prioritized in how you invest your time. Thats why I believe that reflection of how we spend our time, and if we’re … Continue reading Reflect over your time investments this year – What could you do differently?

Be the change you want – Take action instead of just assuming how you think things “should” be   Be the change you want to see in the world – quote Ghandi (not Dalai Lama that I said in the cast, sorry) In this cast I talk about how easy we get stuck just “assuming” … Continue reading Be the change you want – instead of assuming how you think things “should” be
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Un-awareness controls your options   Help yourself and others to awareness, insights and transform those to actions and awareness for those actions feedback. What you are unaware off controls your options. Examples: * Personal Trainer – she asks me to lift this heavy object, or to pull myself up a ledge. And then she observes … Continue reading Un-awareness controls your options
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Trust – is in my humble opinion, everything in Relationship Power. Without it you have nothing. With it you both have a great, great help in most storms. So strong a thing – yet so brittle, so easily shattered in the beginner of a meeting. And in a team trust is absolutely essential for building … Continue reading Trust
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Fragile Puzzle Parts of Life, relationships and results All of us are building multiple puzzles. Take a break to reflect on YOUR most important puzzle.   NOT ALL pieces are interchangeable. I’m for what manager tools always say. – Family First. If you break those sometime fragile puzzle bits you can’t replace them. Others you can. … Continue reading Fragile Puzzle Parts of Life, relationships and results
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You might have noticed that I have Generosity as part of my intro and that its something I mention quite often. That’s of course because I find it some important. Today I want to encourage you to be generous to yourself. And I’m not talking about in a grab at the expense of others way. … Continue reading Generosity and its powers – helps yourself and others grow towards your potential
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Recognizable You + lessons learned from Phil Pallen and Lauren Moore   You want people to be able to recognize your work as your work, and your clients to as well, recognize when something can’t be your work. Phil Pallen is a Brand Strategist who held a great talk at New Media Europe. I really … Continue reading Recognizable You + lessons learned from Phil Pallen and Lauren Moore
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The Power of Positive and Negative Pessimistic Thinking. I believe we live in a “connection economy” like Seth Godin started saying many years ago and nothing kills a connection with someone like pessimism. Pessimism not only kills your own creativity also kills the creativity of those around you. Positive thinking wears off, negative thinking sticks … Continue reading The Power of Pessimistic Thinking
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Dreams, Goalsettings, Plans and Life transformations Are you waiting for your dreams to come true and transform your life? Dreams rarely come true, but your goals can forever change your life.. You need to set goals in order turn your dreams into reality. Into your new normal Dreams can inspire you, but goals can change … Continue reading Dreams, Goalsettings, Plans and Life transformations
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Work always include reporting status – even if your boss doesn’t specify it you will build a better relationship with most managers by repeatedly report status and progress. Both Good and Bad. Excellent news and no new status news. If you do this routinely you will build trust and a great relationship I recommend you … Continue reading log your work – be transparent on status – to yourself and others

Gratitude – share yours with others, let others share theirs in yours Allow yourself to feel your Gratidude for whatever it is. Why do you feel it? whats the smallest and biggest grain of it? Allow others to enjoy their own using your expressed gratitude.   if you are given a compliment. accept it. say thanks … Continue reading Gratitude – share yours with others, let others share theirs in yours
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Leadership is about getting results  and why to get them for yourself and others – not becoming something else just because books or courses tell you to Anyone can become a great leader. There is not any specific “type” or checkboxes to fill in order to become it. there is of course cause and effect … Continue reading Leadership is about getting results and why to get them for yourself and others

Here are some novice thoughts (two simple points) on the power part in relationships and dating. I do not think I am the one to advice others on this, so I’m not really confortable with sharing this episode but friends tell me thats exacly why I should share it. I hope my newbie thoughts help … Continue reading The Power part in relationships and dating

Make it easy for OTHERS to take action, not just you. Pushing it out of your plate is not getting it done.  Its not the same thing as making progress. In this episode I talk about mini-small things to help others, and how it affects yourself too I the long run. I with share my … Continue reading Make it easy for the others to take action, not just you. Pushing it out of your plate is not getting it done.

Everything gives relationship status feedback – even a simple hair coloring talk   Here’s some more personal examples of why bother with Relationship development at work. And how we as owner of our own communication must be aware of how different mediums of communication affects us. For example Real Life meetings with someone you know … Continue reading Everything gives relationship status feedback – even a simple hair coloring talk

Story Power – Choose your words with care, you are the author of your life story Story Power – what ARE you telling yourself? I think it was stories that taught me that we’re all a part of everything. No hero is 100% hero, no villain is 100% – its just hurt, generosity and stories … Continue reading Story Power – Choose your words with care, you are the author of your life story

Your Expectations are your responsibility – Own them!   No one other on this planet can fix your feelings, only you It’s your job to speak clearly, including tone of voice, body language, choices and actions. Be clear in your wishes. It’s your responsibility to help others understand what YOU want them to get for … Continue reading Your Expectations are your responsibility – Own them!

Inner Games – Energy and Connection exploration of worth I every now and then get the question “How do I start” with “Connecting” to people? – Perhaps you’ve had a lot of work-colleagues but no real “close” work-mates. Perhaps you’re appreciated for your results, but having it hard to get that extra work-boost from your … Continue reading inner game – Energy and Connections worth exploring

Courage to Stretch – Courage to rest I have decided, with help from friends and mentors to only continue sharing a podcast every Monday. Right now I have been doing twice a week, Monday and Thursdays. I have pushed myself to get here. I believe that is important when stretching your comfort zone. But you will … Continue reading Courage to Stretch – Courage to rest

    The Power of Questions and the feelings and energy they create   My Greatest strengths as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions. – Peter Drucker     I often get hired for my ability to archive results and teach better ways to organizations. But I would say I … Continue reading The Power of Questions and the feelings and energy they create

You can do Anything but not Everything – Don’t spread yourself thin if you are an “over-helper/over-archiver” those that matter will love you and your results more when you say no to more things in favour of what you really want and quality in that, for yourself and others help others but try to be … Continue reading You can do Anything but not Everything

what KIND of person would you like to BECOME we are all in on a journey of change we all have everything we need within us, we just let some of our inner need grow too strong sometimes, taking over instead of harnessing all that is you into that which is best for you. how … Continue reading what KIND of person would you like to BECOME? TEDx talk by Camillla TheFreeProject

Time Entwined In summary for saving time: I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about “you’re the average about the 5 or 10 people” you spend your time with. it goes both ways. Help others grow and make sure you invest time in people who help you grow. “None of us control time, we can only … Continue reading Time Entwined – who is around you the most and how are they actively helping?
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Imagination – the power of what MAY be. I think this is one of the most energy giving activities that exists. What we all may be. What YOU MAY BECOME. What new “state of effect/process/whatever” you co-workers could share with you in the future. Imagination AND awareness is almost everything you need. What you are … Continue reading Imagination – the power of what MAY be
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This is a tribute from me to Cliff Ravenscraft and his amazing Podcasting A to Z course that you can find at I also talk some very quick about why I created the testimonial – basically self awareness, taking actions in your life to help people you care about, and extending your comfortzone to … Continue reading Tribute from me to Cliff Ravenscraft and his amazing Podcasting A to Z course

Everything in your life has a game window * Know what game you are playing * Know when it’s time to switch game rules .. or perhaps someone around you already HAS switched the ruleset without saying so? unaware or intentionally? * No game last forever.  Time is always limited, use it when it gives … Continue reading Everything in your life has a game window – what game are you playing right now?

Personal Why Examples – Complex Processes on a global scale – Revenue driving Labels in many thousands of shops all around the globe   I am sharing some of my “Personal Why Examples” of benefits of Relationship Power at work. Its not free, its not instant reward – but in the end I think you … Continue reading Personal Why Examples – Complex Processes on a global scale – Revenue driving Labels in many thousands of shops all around the globe

We all need to bond, from our first ever second to all of them throughout life. Especially when doing new, insecure things. I personally believe introverts also needs this. We just bond to different things. When I was young I was going thru a nightmare for years (from some perspectives, other parts where OK) and … Continue reading We all need to bond to something
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Teambuilding story – Why Bother with Relationship Power? I guess we all have to find out our own reasons for leading the way we lead, but here’s some thoughts about why I behave like I do. I love taking the initiative. I love helping others. I love inspiring myself and other to courage. I also … Continue reading Teambuilding story – Why Bother with Relationship Power?
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How to leave the table when there is not enough love coming from it? I believe in sharing the knowledge, power, compassion, courage, generosity and most stuff around that but there can be no power of any kind without saying no when you feel its required. But its also very important to know when its … Continue reading How to leave the table when there is not enough love coming from it

Dont Fix it if it aint broken – listen for what others REALLY want fixing – otherwise its just about you, and that is rarely the best way to build Relation Power with anyone. Its important to let go of our own ideas. Even if you know you’re helping its very easily that we come … Continue reading Dont Fix it if it aint broken

Guessing takes energy from Relationship Power. Don’t make others guess what you do for work, and who you do it for and primarily what THEY get out of it. Also aim stand out by a unique answer  not just the same lull like everyone else. Yes that means more work now thinking the answer up … Continue reading Guessing takes energy
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The Power of rest continuned. My podcast recommendation for today: Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt is talking about the power of rest. Its so important to get sleep and exercise.. Michael is doing a way better job than I did half a year ago in explaining the benefits so please go listen to him and take … Continue reading The Power of Rest. Sleep more – Archive more

How full is your bucket? Be mindful of the words you use internally to yourself as well as to others, Words are more powerful than we think of. Try to give energy to those around you and yourself every day   Book Recommendation: How Full Is Your Bucket?
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Gamification at work if you simplified your work into just a few rules… What would those be?  Just the top ten most important things and ways to archive them? I understand that life and work is complex things, but try to zoom out by making a game out of it. How would the metrics be … Continue reading Gamification at work
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Quite often I find myself thinking “oh there’s a ember glowing under there, should i help ignite it? Help light the passion?” Its my own curiosity mixed with my deep-rooted urge to help others grow, help others into insight, help others to get rest and regeneration, help others to passion. When you hear something touch … Continue reading Fan the flame – awaken the spark
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Everything Gives Feedback – Boardgames are excellent examples for becomming aware of your own patterns and figure out how to transform those insight into “in real life” Learning is a choice. You can learn from whatever you are doing. The only time we dont learn is when whe decide not to. I love board games … Continue reading Everything Gives Feedback – Boardgames are excellent examples
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That Other Way often works Just Fine – Continued Some listeners requested I add a few more thoughts to a previous  cast since they said the original really helped them connect and get more accomplished by doing so. So I hope these thoughts will help you and others as well.      

Help others just because you can and want to. I belive in a world of helping others for no other reason than the strong should help those they can. And we all have som strong area and no one has only strong areas. But its important that we help for our own reasons, without expecting … Continue reading Help others without expecting anything back

Last Thursday I released something sub-par. It was my podcast on team-building that WE feeling. And the thing is, i don’t even know if most of you noticed that the outro was cut off a few seconds and that I myself didn’t think I added “that much value” to you that I aim to do. … Continue reading the balance between kindness to one self and stretching one self

Building a team isnt just about the big actions to form it, its also the very small repetetive gestures that affect the “we/us feeling” the most. Dont underestimate them, make sure you include small things every day instead of waiting for that big team kick off that will “solve it all” … And help other … Continue reading Teambuilding – building a WE feeling
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Easy for you might not be easy for others. Just because its easy for you, dont take for granted that its easy for others. Look for the Positive intent! It might not be due to disrespect its “not finished”. They’re “not getting it”. Its not done “your” way. It could just be plainly due to … Continue reading Easy for you might not be easy for others

We can learn more about ourselves using anything. I’m a computer gamer and love healing people but you know what? most often its the ones that ask the most for HEALS that doesn’t learn to avoid the need in the first place. And once your out of power to keep helping them they blame you … Continue reading HEAL ME plz plz
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You need Results in order to grow power. Otherwise, eventually, the powerful people will not invest their time and other resourses with you. Help others get there results done. Help them complete their missions. Their plans. Their delivery promises to their managers or themselves. Doesn’t have to be much or taking much from you. Could … Continue reading People AND Results
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Most of the successful people I know say it’s mostly due to small repetitive progress. Don’t wait for that huge one thing that will make ALL the difference. Start doing anything, however small, TODAY!   And help others see the value of what they are already doing, even in the smallest of things. If you … Continue reading Embrace Reality – small progress is progress too – help others see theirs

Unmet needs and your expectations Unmet needs and your expectations. You have to own your own expectations, because no one else but you can give you want you one. No one else has walked in your shoes for the length of time you have. We all have un-met needs, but when those repeatedly carry over … Continue reading Unmet needs and your expectations, only you can own your own expectations

When to talk and when to not… Choose active listening to build power with awareness Listening is, according to my humble opinion, by far the most effective Relationship Building action you can take. One of the times when it can be really good to just shut up is when you’re invited to a demo of … Continue reading When to talk and when to not.. Choose active listening to build power with awareness
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The Power of Positivity within – to yourself and others   Be positive. As much as possible. Manager Tools, of whom I am a big fan say “start with 3 months positive feedback” BEFORE going into what can be perceived as negative. Positivity is the only real way to encourage someone to want to listen, … Continue reading The Power of Positivity within – to yourself and others

    Fear is natural – Showing vulnerability will connect you – to yourself and to others Honor your fear. Listen to it. Trust it. But do what you can not to let it define your reality. Fears unvoiced often are much worse remaining shadows then when we talk about them and illuminating them. ..And … Continue reading Fear is natural – Showing vulnerability will connect you

Todays episode is more philosophical in nature than most of my previous ones. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you shift perspective, encouraging you to take action today – For a better future for yourself and those close to you soon. This is from a “positive outlook” its not about surrendering to … Continue reading Everything decays – What actions do you take for what effect?
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What Game Are you Playing? Learn the Rules Beyond it    

Dare to be a beginner again. You will find you inspire others AND become clearer to others on what you excel at by being clear of what you know very well and what you are a beginner at. That you also show as en example by taking action connects us all on a deeper level … Continue reading Dare to be a beginner again
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        Use the energy where it is heading. Let the one who wants the effect drive it, instead of you risk forgetting trying to be helpful between tasks.

Your Time and giving it away – its effect on Your Relationship Power at work   Take a minute for yourself. Think back on the past week. Who do you regularly spend your time with, spend your time ON? Do they most commonly boost you? Encourage you in your endeavours? Assist you in exploring new … Continue reading Your Time and its effect on Your Relationship Power at work
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Take the Lead. Take the initiative. Greet or share a helping hand to those you pass in the corridor. This will lower the barrier when you OR they need something next time. Perhaps try to make 2015 a more generous year to those around you? Any small steps help, doesnt have to be anything big … Continue reading Lowering the resistance to communication from others

Accepting ourselves – so we can accept others easier. This I believe is one of the first step of embracing the relationship with another person. It starts and ends with ourselves. It’s not always easy but be kind to yourself first, listen to yourself first and take small steps of kindness towards yourself and you might … Continue reading Accepting ourselves – so we can accept others easier

Encourage others to be their kind of hero I love fantasy heroes. I love a great story. I think most of us do. Myself I love reading and seeing films like Lord of the Rings. A lonesome figure bearing the responsible to save something bigger than themselves. And don’t you just love when you realize … Continue reading Encourage others to be their kind of hero

Adjust your steps but keep taking them Should I take smaller or bigger actions? If you accomplish most of what you set out to do, take bigger steps If you find yourself not happy to all you’ve accomplished sometime you need to take smaller steps for a while. Another way of saying it is that … Continue reading Adjust your steps but keep taking them

Yes/No The power of saying yes to yourself is awesome. The power of saying Yes continuously to your Boss – and deliver on it is amazing So what’s the danger then? Be aware of when you use it. “With great power comes great responsibility” Yes/No can be interpreted as very harsh. The side effect of … Continue reading Yes and No – its Power and its Dangers

Be Slow to Judge – great blogpost by Michael Hyatt We often project our own issues. Be careful that you are talking about future benefits for the person you are talking to. Not your own projections. If we often judge or criticise other people that speaks volumes more about ourself than our targets. This is … Continue reading Be Slow to Judge – great blogpost by Michael Hyatt
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Why and what is important for you more than your own results? Please give yourself a minute to ponder on WHY you want to archive what you want to get done today. Whats in it for you? Deep down.. Now please extend that feeling into something that is beyond yourself.. and invest just five minutes … Continue reading Why and what is important for you..beyond yourself?

Explore your own playfulness. That will give you energy that your relationship will share. What is having fun for you? Where do you have fun and what happens to those you meet there? Can you get more of that in other parts of your life as well? What is having fun for those around you?

Embrace the data all around you. WHILE you are at the meeting be at the meeting. Meet the people and their senses, attitudes, body language etc. Don’t just get the meeting “done” – You’re there for the result AFTER the meeting your there to meet people. Not to check it off your calendar. That thinking … Continue reading Embrace the data all around – its ALL about the people

There is always systems beyond systems beyond systems. Thus there is harmony AND turmoil inside the person your are talking to right now. Some of it comes from systems you will never see, but affecting here and now. Likewise its inside you affecting them. Listen to to them.  Accept them. Only then you fully go … Continue reading Systems beyond systems beyond systems
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Be happy and impressed by other skills and archivements, but their success in no way diminishes yours. If you enjoy their happiness for their sake, they might like you more. If you put them above you – you actually distance yourself from them and that is not relationship building. Try not to judge yourself to … Continue reading Inner game of self isolation

Open your mind to that other way of getting things done Often we believe our way is the best way, missing the point that by doing so we lose a lot of power and potential within our colleagues. Not to mention that you build better relationship by encouraging people to do things their way not … Continue reading That other way often works just fine

The Power in names – yours and others How often do you think about the power of names? Yours and others. Do you make it easy for others to use your name for the best of you and them? Do take note of others name to show your respect and recognition of them?   Great … Continue reading The Power in names – yours and others
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Wow 25th episode is here! Part of embracing reality is to do your own internal recap and feedback for yourself and I thought I’d share mine, in case those thoughts help anyone else. Please note that todays podcast will be my own thoughts and processes thus be more deep into me than what might help … Continue reading Embrace Your reality – Lessons learned after 25 episodes

It’s human to make assumptions. “I have met people for your firm before, your school before, your country before, your continent before.”.. It’s an easy thing to do, and I’ve done it myself too many times myself. I am sure that most of the time when my Team has over-archived its primarily because I have … Continue reading See The Individual – dont generalize