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Throughput thoughts Some thoughts on intention and results, and the passage required to archive it. This is high and low, tech and people. I guess some people would call it random ramblings. Some thoughts on email/phone/video/actual meeting Phone thumbs throughput and making replies easy and effective. Delegation, effect and not being superman. Or that if … Continue reading Throughput thoughts
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Full Contact play with your Anti-thesis Get the habit of embracing an anti-thesis to your belief every now and then to deepen your learning on your topic, or that it’s time to leave while “on top” Perhaps get together over dinner with some mastermind friends on a yearly basis and ask everyone to bring a … Continue reading Full Contact play with your Anti-thesis

Right now forces are gathering to make you a commodity. It already happened all around you. Uber, Spotify, Travel-agents etc. The middleman is cut out and a proxy service is censoring out everything that doesn’t adapt. In the consultant nice, we have consultant brokers, offshore resources and a lot of things helping clients get their … Continue reading thoughts on becomming a commodity and choosing your position

When presenting a week back I got the question by a person in the audience on any advice in becoming awarded by eWork just like I did. (ework awarded me Consultant of year 2013) My reply was a recommendation to not chase awards. Instead focus on working towards excellence at your chosen trade. Focus on … Continue reading Race don’t chase – some thoughts on awards