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Selfishly Generous A lot of studies show that generosity really pays of in health. long life. opportunities. The list is long. What would make a difference for you? in summary: here is some encouragement for you to help others This cast is yet again about being generous to those around you, and for all kinds … Continue reading Selfishly Generous
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Tap into the larger conversation.   The one in yourself, the one in your organisation and the ones going on by your customers. Tap into that, align with it and you will find both a great connection and great energy for taking initiative for the better. For you and those around you. Listen for it … Continue reading Tap into the larger conversation
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Listening Brands, Mini-Audience – always adapt your message to the individual to get the effect you want. The Power of Data might be shining most clearing when it comes to Marketing but its heading into HR and alot of other departments as well. Constant A/B testing will prove so many thesis and anti-thesis wrong (or … Continue reading Listening Brands: How Data is Rewriting the Rules of Branding
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When to Create Commitment first – Compliance second Podcast Episode #93 Don’t limit yourself to get compliance from people. It might feel like you are connecting around compliance . It might feel secure and easy but you are losing out of what may be. For both yourself and for them. For both current and future … Continue reading When to Create Commitment first – Compliance second