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Successful communication is ALL on you   Successful communication is all on you – Which means if you don’t get the results and actions you want when talking to someone you have to take the responsibility to investigate what happens in the recipient when you talk to them, it doesn’t matter what you know you … Continue reading Successful communication is ALL on you

The Power of believing Others can improve Please take time to listen to the great TED talk “The Power of believing that you can improve” by Carol Dweck where she talks about the great result you can have when you help people see that they can improve. Help them see that its a huge difference … Continue reading The Power of believing Others can improve

Your Calendars Relationship Power and other effects on you and those around you. Are you aware of the real power of a shared calendar? Experiment with yours until you get the effect you want. Do not leave your calendar for other to fill. Make a choice for how YOU want to get the most out … Continue reading Your Calendars Relationship Power and other Effects

First impressions and the lasting power of it First impressions last longer than most of oss think about. You probably heard it before, but do you actually make use of its power in your daily life?       Action to take: Try to activly think and act the first seconds you meet some-one new. … Continue reading First Impressions and its longlasting power

Help someone today just because you can. It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Often I find that people wait for the perfect moment to help that will make a big impact. Or wait and see if the help they think they can provide will make a big difference.. I suggest also trying to help … Continue reading Better a small step today than waiting for perfect
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