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You're Not Ready, you're Intentionally Small & Meaningfully Bold.

Auto-summary for those who don't have time to listen.

The importance of starting before feeling fully ready, arguing that waiting for readiness hinders learning and helping others. 

It highlights the struggle with uncertainty and the human tendency to seek certainty, which can lead to inaction and missed opportunities for growth and assistance. 

Suggests focusing on small, meaningful actions that can make a difference now, 
rather than waiting for the perfect conditions. I know it leaves less space to hide than a superb plan in your head. Remind yourself it's worth it when it feels too pressing to close.


By daring to take small steps, individuals can learn, help others, and eventually find a path that accelerates their ability to serve effectively. The overarching message is to embrace imperfection and uncertainty as opportunities for growth rather than barriers to action.

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