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Thank you so much for your listener feedback! I am sorry that I said that we have to be perfect when sending things out to the web without explaining myself properly. What I meant to say, but didnt since I got on a tantrum-detour, was that it’s the recipient reaction that determines the outcome. Most … Continue reading Listener Feedback – Alternative Cost
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Ask yourself Why you need Relationship Power? We are all different. Different things matter differently to us.  This doesnt have to matter to you just because it does to me. What would matter to you? Relationship Power is a great way to help others. Sometimes we need to stand up for those we believe in. … Continue reading Why do you want power to help others? + Plan for December business

Connect others!  Help them with whats important to them. You never know where this will lead them ..thus and you… The reward can be enormous for everyone. This is the “opportunity cost” I compared not taking action with in my previous episode Alternative Cost… but Kare does a much much better job at explaing this … Continue reading Be an Opportunity Maker
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Are you aware of your polarisation effect in different situations and environments? Do you know what you want when for which effect?   Action to take: – Decide where you want to be in each environment. Do you want to act to become more neutral?Do you want to act to really find that outlaying 1%?

Relationship Power at work – What’s your alternative cost for the things you are thinking about or not thinking about right now? to ANY action or in-action you take there is always an Cost and alternative Cost involved. The cost for that road not taken is near infinite.. as could the rewards for that action … Continue reading Alternative Cost
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