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Owning your Strength i talk some about one worldview of “owning your strength” What is yours? and how do you embrace that worldview?   This episode is very different. This is because I took a course last week called VideoLabs over at So today’s episode will actually be the audio-version my videos on YouTube … Continue reading Owning your Strength
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Lending some introduction and creating passion examples from the Computer Game world. For example perhaps you want to introduce your spouse to computer game play? It’s a lot of the same synergies you want when introducing someone to your office. You want to connect to what matters to them to create passion, commitment and understanding … Continue reading Introduction to ComputerGames or new recruit at office

The Magic of Delegating Better Save time and build peoples potential at the same time? Build relationships and get better results at the same time? Does this sound too good to be true? Try it and you’ll see for yourself. The only thing is. You won’t get a perfect alignment with things you delegate. You … Continue reading The Magic of Delegating Better
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State of Play: Focus on the relationships that matter Play is often used for doing better work, getting better revenue with innovative new ideas. Play is also often used to build teams, develop trust and enhancing effective behaviour. Its also very powerful when used at home, to deepen the relationship with those that matter the … Continue reading State of Play: Focus on the relationships that matter

One Focus Work on one project at a time. its the kind AND focused way towards accomplishing greatness What are you working on that’s got you most fired up? Questions like that I ask all the time. A trend I notice among my most successful friends is they rarely list a bunch of “I want … Continue reading One Focus
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