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Dare to be a beginner again. You will find you inspire others AND become clearer to others on what you excel at by being clear of what you know very well and what you are a beginner at. That you also show as en example by taking action connects us all on a deeper level … Continue reading Dare to be a beginner again
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        Use the energy where it is heading. Let the one who wants the effect drive it, instead of you risk forgetting trying to be helpful between tasks.

Your Time and giving it away – its effect on Your Relationship Power at work   Take a minute for yourself. Think back on the past week. Who do you regularly spend your time with, spend your time ON? Do they most commonly boost you? Encourage you in your endeavours? Assist you in exploring new … Continue reading Your Time and its effect on Your Relationship Power at work
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Take the Lead. Take the initiative. Greet or share a helping hand to those you pass in the corridor. This will lower the barrier when you OR they need something next time. Perhaps try to make 2015 a more generous year to those around you? Any small steps help, doesnt have to be anything big … Continue reading Lowering the resistance to communication from others

Accepting ourselves – so we can accept others easier. This I believe is one of the first step of embracing the relationship with another person. It starts and ends with ourselves. It’s not always easy but be kind to yourself first, listen to yourself first and take small steps of kindness towards yourself and you might … Continue reading Accepting ourselves – so we can accept others easier