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Treat everyone you meet as a volunteer “Accept the fact that you need to treat everyone like a volunteer”. Is a quote by Peter Drucker ..if you want to help THEM, thus you, discover and unleash THEIR potential. You cant fully control that process. But you can encourage it. You can direct the energy and … Continue reading Treat everyone you meet as a volunteer
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3 games that matter 3 seats of power   3 Games that matter inner game: the why you play, the words you use in your head. outer game: current game/result you bring others infinite game:   3 seats of power  relationship power knowledge power authority/role power Your Chosen Position And the position from where you … Continue reading 3 games, 3 seats of power
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Are you ready? .. for opportunity when it comes knocking on YOUR door? I surely wasn’t, for most of the times when it’s been past my door. LINK For example when I was interviewed by John on his EOfire podcast. Having then more than a million downloads that scared me into doing nothing more than … Continue reading Are you ready?
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Learn more – know less   It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, its what you know for sure, that just aint so Quote Mark Twain   Its important to focus on the learning part of ourself. Niches come and go. Business come and are great at first but most markets … Continue reading Learn more – know less
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